We want fuller busted women to be able to take up any workout they want without being held back by the size of their bust. We know that the big boob struggle is real - that's why all our products are designed to make you feel more confident with revolutionary support and comfort.

Show up to your workout as your most bold and badass self, knowing that you are wearing gear that works with you, not against you.


The Short Story - I’m a Maltese (ex?)engineer by profession and beach volleyball player by passion. I got frustrated trying to find a sports bra that I felt confident in. Fast forward a couple of years, prototypes, wearer trials (and tears!) later, and FITGAME was born. 

The Longer Story - Playing beach volley on a sunny island (fun fact: I’m from the smallest island country in the world!) as a somewhat fuller busted athlete, I’ve had my fair share of sports-bra related frustrations … From wearing cute ones that definitely didn’t pass the bounce test, to then finding (somewhat) supportive ones that looked frumpy and matronly, to struggling to find what size I was when I gained some weight, to SO MANY other frustrations that I’m sure you are relating to right now…

So when I’d had enough, I decided to combine my passion for design and my own need for a sports bra that ticked all boxes of support, comfort and style and I created the first design which came to be the Empower Bra. I would have never expected to say this, but in the process I realised that sports bras are literally a feat of engineering. From the choice of fabrics, to literally the location of the seams, the amount of thought that goes into each and every inch of a bra is mind-blowing. So a *slow clap* to these amazing creations that are engineered to defy gravity and prevent back strains… we appreciate you!

The brand changed a lot ever since I started it - I got the first round of stock (Empower Bras) manufactured in China, but quickly realised that my heart was not into it. It just felt like it wasn’t me… So what you’re seeing now is the second iteration of the brand - one with a new and improved flagship product that is produced in an ethical and sustainable manner. We make the Impact Bra on a made-to-order basis in a local studio… I literally cut the fabric myself! 

So if you’ve got this far to me rambling on, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your support in helping me get this small business off the ground. I hope the sports bras serve you as well as they serve me.

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