Unfortunately there's a catch 22 when measuring to find your bra size, and that is that you need a well fitting bra to get accurate results. This is why we recommend Booking a FREE Virtual Fitting with us over measuring yourself, as we fit primarily by eye.

However, we've worked hard to make measuring your size as easy and accurate as possible. All you need is a non-stretchy tape measure to find two measurements.

Some quick tips to measure more accurately:

  • Take the measurements while wearing your best fitting non-padded bra that does not compress you.
  • If your best fitting bra does not provide much lift, tighten the straps of your bra to lift your volume to the center of your chest as best as possible while measuring.

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how to measure

Keeping the tape measure straight, measure in inches directly underneath your bust where the band of a bra would normally sit. The tape should be firm.
Keeping the tape measure straight, measure in inches the fullest part of your bust (at nipple level). The tape should be somewhat loose and not cutting into your breast tissue at all. 
After taking your underbust and bust measurements, all you need to do is find the difference between the two measurements and consult the table below to find your UK bra size. 
Measurement Chart for UK Bra Sizing
Example: if your underbust measurement is 32 inches and your bust measurement is 39 inches, then the difference between your two measurements is 7 inches. So that makes you a 32F in UK sizing.
Example: Underbust 35 inches and Bust 44 inches (difference = 9) makes you a size 36G in UK sizing. You can also consider a 34G if you prefer a tighter underband.

find your FITGAME bra size

Size Chart For Impact Bra High Support Sports Bra Fuller Bust Plus Size

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find your empower bra size

Empower Bra Sizing Chart in Inches
Empower Bra Size Chart in CM
You can size down for more compression, or size up for more coverage and a more relaxed fit.
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