The fashion industry overproduces products by about 30-40% each season, and in turn, contributes roughly 10% of all global carbon emissions to get rid of the unsold garments. 

At FITGAME, we didn’t feel right contributing to that, so we’re moving away from stocking large quantities of bras to a more sustainable production model. Some of our bras are in stock from our previous collection, but the new Impact Bra is made on demand at a local studio. This method of making the bras to order helps us offer you a wide size range as a small business and reduce stock waste, so you win and the earth wins!

Here’s how this works:
  • Each month there are two cut-off dates for orders. These are the 14th and the 28th of each month.
  • On these cut-off days, the fabric starts being laid out and cut at FITGAME HQ.
  • Within 3 days, the fabric pieces for the sports bras are delivered to our local studio where a couple of talented seamstresses get going on sewing your sports bra, making sure to sew support, comfort and CONFIDENCE in every stitch.
  • The studio take roughly 3-4 working days to finish off the bras, depending on how many orders there are.
How the made to order system works
So don’t worry, since we have production runs twice every month, the waiting time to get your made-to-order bra shipped to you is just 1 week after the cut-off date.
All these timings above might sound confusing to work out, which is why we include estimated shipping dates on the product pages of the made to order items.
If you have any questions on our processes, do not hesitate to CONTACT US. If you want to shop our sports bras, click here.