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The Bra & Beyond Bundle

The Bra & Beyond Bundle

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Thinking of gifting a well-needed sports bra to that special busty one in your life, but worried about nailing the right size?

We get it – bra sizing can feel like decoding an ancient script. And while a gift card is a safe bet, let's face it, it lacks the sparkle of unwrapping a physical gift. No one wants a humdrum holiday experience. 

Enter the solution you've been looking for: combining the chic Hair Necessities Bundle – featuring a reversible headband and a pair of matching scrunchies – with the thrill of the perfect fit and ultimate support.

This way, they get to unwrap not just one, but three fabulous, foolproof gifts on Christmas Eve. Plus, the sports bra gift card, complete with a personalized bra fitting experience, adds that cherry on top. It's the gift that keeps on giving - they'll love you for this!

Perfect for the girl who wants ALL the practical solutions (but only good looking ones)

If that girl is you and you're buying this for yourself (treat yourself girl), you can also choose your Impact Bra size and you'll receive the bra instead of a gift card.

Want some extra brownie points from your loved one? Add gift wrapping and we'll even take care of all that for you!

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